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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Association's pet policies?


The St. Albans Glenn pet policies are found in the Association's recorded rules and regulations section 20.


St. Albans Glenn Rules & Regulations



Can we decorate for the holidays?  


Decorative holiday and festival lighting does not require approval, however, holiday lighting shall not be illuminated prior to the Saturday following Thanksgiving, not later than the following 7th of January. All holiday decorations must be totally removed no later than 14 days following the holiday for which the decorations were intended. Lighting displays should not adversely affect neighboring units or adjacent properties, including across the street from your unit. Interior windows and bushes may not contain holiday decorations. Only season appropriate decorations may be displayed. Decorations may not be attached to any of the common elements of the community. Any damage to the exterior of the unit, as a result of decorations installed, will be the unit owner's responsibility for repair.


Where can I install a satellite dish?


The Association has a policy resolution relating to satellite dishes seen in link below. 


Satellite Resolution



Can you send me a copy of the master insurance policy?  


Any questions or requests for insurance information must be directed to the insurance company handling the policy.  


St. Albans Glenn Association Insurance:


  Master Policy

  Nationwide, 757-496-5685 fax: 757-496-5682  


  Flood Policy 

  Nationwide, 757-496-5685

    *Only buildings #10 & #11 require flood insurance and carry flood      policies*    


Can you send me information about leasing my unit?


Leasing information can be found in section 21 of the Associations Rules & Regulations. 


St. Albans Glenn Rules & Regulations


How do I receive my parking sticker and what do I do if someone parks in my space?


The St. Albans Glenn Association does not use parking stickers or decals.  All units are assigned one numbered space and additional vehicles or visitors can park in any of the unmarked spaces throughout the community.  


If a vehicle is parked in your assigned space,  you can contact the tow company indicated on the signs at the entrance of the property to tow the vehicle from the assigned space.  *The Association strongly recommends that the owner of the space leave a note before contacting the towing company as the person parking in the space might not realize their mistake* This may also occur more often if your space number is faded.  If you notice your space number is faded, please contact your Association Manager as soon as possible so that the numbers can be re-painted.  


What are the approved paint colors?


Front and Shed Doors: Sherwin Williams Superpaint : Color - Duron Redwood


Building: BEHR Premium Wood Coatings – solid color weather proofing all in one wood stain & sealer.  Color - Traditional

(Base-5013 760B-6)


Trim: BEHR Premium Wood Coatings – solid color weather proofing all in one wood stain & sealer. Custom color match for Oxford Brown. (Base-5013)


Gate & Patio Fence: See building and trim colors. 

What are the specifications for replacing windows or doors? 


The Association requires that all window and patio door reinstallations or replacements follow the HBA Architectural Guidelines. All door and window replacements require and approved Architectural Change Form, which must be submitted prior to installation.  




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