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Trash Pickup

Trash is picked up on Mondays and Thursdays at designated trash pickup sites around the property.  Please see map of pickup sites.  


Trash should be out no earlier than 6:00 pm the day before trash pickup and no later than 7:00 am the day of trash pickup.  


All trash must be bagged.  Cans containing un-bagged trash will not be emptied.  


Trash cans are required to have the Unit address marked on the cans. Unmarked trash cans left out on the curb after trash day will be taken away and disposed of.   Please mark the cans so that the address can be easily seen. 


Bulk pickups – Extra fees apply.  Any bulk items left out on the curb will be charged to the Unit from which they came and an additional investigation fee will be added.  


Holiday pickups – Notices will be posted around the property 1-2 days before holiday pickups to notify residents of any changes in the trash pickup schedule.    


Note - Please be advised that the Board has done away with the trash pickup site at the end of Abbotsleigh Court in front of unit 408 due to the flooding that occurs at the end of that street.  If you are still using this location, please bring your trash to either the end of Bantry Cross or the middle of Abbotsleigh Court near the light pole.   






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